Location: Originally located at Piedmont Park - Later moved to The Atlanta Water Works - [removed for expansion of pond in late 1990's]

Date: 1987

Dimensions: 100'w x 96'd x 12'h

Materials: Wood, Neon, Stone

Description: Open Axis has no reified, central focus, rather the experience of moving through the work becomes the focus, from all points inside or outside the work, a total view or reading is elusive.

The underlying configuration of Open Axis describes atopological kink, This kink is the simplest form found in knot theory, a branch of Topology, the “rubber sheet geometry”. Topology is important to me conceptually because of its emphasis on flexibility and relationship, rather than rigid structure.

Open Axis was created to fulfill the requirements of a sculpture competition which stipulated building the work for one temporary site then moving it to another more permanent location. The challenge of designing a site-related work for two sites, creating a dialogue with each site, and have the essential quality of the work reflected by its history, was important for me. As it moved from the first site to the second, it lived out the essence of its topological nature, remaining a kink but shifting, stretching and warping its form.

The engaged pyramid, its angle reflecting the local latitude of 33.48 degrees, points to celestial north, establishing the larger context for the work and linking the two sites.