Solo Exhibit at Sandler Hudson Gallery

Date: 2000

Materials: Granite, Steel, Wood, Bronze Wire Screen, Neon

Dimensions: Various

Statement: When does a log decomposing in the woods become humus on the forest floor? Asking this question leads to the realization that what we casually perceive as discrete states of being in ourselves, others and the world around us, can more accurately be described as complex patterns of becoming, embedded in a field of interpenetrating actions. Things are interdependent. The log is becoming humus; the humus is becoming something else. 

In a sense these works consider the gradient that connects one known to another. Along that gradient lies a place of transformation and mystery. These works play in this fertile gap of our understanding. The works in wood are neither ladders nor boats, but refer metaphorically, to such objects of utility. They have no such utility, unless it is to remind us that in our own lives what we understand in the beginning of any endeavor to be absolutely important and true, shifts as we live, to something else, to some other mode of understanding and action. Our imagined destination is always known, our real destination is discovered in the process of the journey.