2009 MOCA-GA Working Artist Project : Events That Rhyme

Funded by the Charles Loridans Foundation
Curated by Carter Foster, Curator - Whitney Museum of Art

Location: Solo Exhibit at The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia 

Date: August 15 - September 26, 2009

Materials: Video installation, Basswood, Steel, Granite, Moss, Fig and
Poplar Wood, Beeswax and Pigment

Statement: This body of work grew organically in response to the opportunities presented by the Working Artist Project. It gave me the time and mental space to experiment with form, materials and new technologies.

Shaping the experience of a given place through movement and modulation of sculptural form has been the focus of my work for over 25 years. The configuration of forms in space, their scale and relationships become for me, a poetic, and visceral language through which to speak, and in turn an invitation open to the viewer's experience.