Location: Exhibited at the 2003 Emory Chairs Project (Temporary Campus Installation) and later at  MODA's 2004 Talking Furniture Design Exhibition

Date: 2003 - 2004

Dimensions: 20”h x 38”w x 30d

Materials: Granite, Bronze and Steel

Description: Evangeline is a visual play between weight and weightlessness; though balanced on its base, it is visually dynamic.  A sculptural seat its honed and shaped surface invite interaction.

Granite, formed in the crucible of the earth's molten center eons ago, is the bedrock of the continental plates. it reveals its geological history and dense molecular structure in various ways as its surface is cut, worked or broken. One feels its weight viscerally as well as metaphorically. I was intrigued by the possibility of working the stone in such a way that one becomes aware of its weight and at the same time a sense of lightness as if the stone seat were floating, barely resting on the stone beneath.