Installation Title:  Traces of the Song Singing

Location: The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, Gainesville, GA
(In the collection of Brenau University, Gainesville, GA)

Date: 1997

Materials: Granite, Steel and water

Statement: My work is offered as an experience to be engaged in rather than a puzzle to be solved. I am like the writer without an outline who begins with a character or a scene and discovers the story in the writing of it. Here the "characters" or "scenes" coalesce from layers of ideas and associations that find their way into some kind of dialogue. This includes the tactile presence and scale of a given material or image, and the multivalent qualities of a particular site or the sense of people moving through an activated space. The work becomes a form of meditation - a bridge between all of these seemingly unrelated elements that "haunt" me. The irony and wonder of our times is that the more sophisticated our instruments for  probing the universe become, the deeper the mystery revealed.

The Hubbell Space telescope enables astronomers to look back in time, billions of light years, to a much younger universe. And the ever more powerful instruments probing the subatomic world find, that at that level, matter is difficult to locate in any classical sense - in fact, at the subatomic level, matter is more accurately understood as a field of energy vibrating at very high frequencies. In a poetic sense, if we had the ears to hear - it might be like listening to an extremely complex song singing.