Anamnesis | A Recalling to Mind: Reminiscence

Location: Bernard A. Zuckerman Museum of Art

Date: 2015

Materials: Various

Statement:   As an artist, I am drawn to the deep strangeness lurking behind the familiar, the unexpected life hidden within the quotidian—The inexhaustible surprise of the possible existing just beyond what we know or expect to be true.

Bringing earlier work into conversation with new work for this exhibition has been fruitful in surprising ways – an act of re-membering the larger field from which my work springs.  I recognize my agency as a thread in a large, muti-dimensional, on-going web of the many experiences, influences, and most importantly, individuals and community, both intimate and extended, in which I live and have the opportunity to do my work.


Works Shown:

Series: Large, Dark >>>
Mechaniota: A Beautiful Dare >>>
Mechanoita: Lure >>>
Generator >>>
Base for aWell Developed Heart >>>