Installation Title: Quotidian Rift

Curated by Dan Talley, Professor at Kutztown Univeristy of Pennsylvania

Location: Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Atlanta, GA

Date: 2004 - 2005

Materials: Wood, Blue Stone, Video, and Water

Dimensions: 3’h x 9’w x 12’d

Statement: Gazing into a fire or a pond, watching a creek flow, or the tidal waters of a marsh rise and fall, we are reminded that our relationship to time is multivalent.

"Science is still struggling to understand why space and time actually are. Are these real entities or only useful ideas? If they are real are they fundamental, or do they emerge from some basic constituents?" [Brian Greene]

Illusion or not, we know time through it's effect in our lives. It is the medium through which all forms, actions and events continually are born, have life and pass away. 

Thanks to contemporary physics, we can muse about the beginning of time, listen to simulations of the sound the young universe made following the big bang, or watch an animation of the movement of the earth's continental plates re-enacting the theory of plate tectonic movement over millions of years. But these stimulating and wonder filled ideas about time and space are of a different sort than our everyday experience of living in and out of time. Our experience of ourselves and those with whom we have long term and intimate connections, is informed and enriched by memories gathered over time. These experiences of time ultimately affect the way we live and find meaning in our lives.

At times we slip free and experience ourselves as outside the normal flow of time. Our experience is not that of a self-conscious subject acting on or in the world. Our consciousness dilates and we know ourselves to be inseparable from our place and our actions.

Quotidian Rift creates its own environment through the use of sculptural elements and video. The measured pace of the work invites the viewer’s own inner response to images, text and sound as they contemplate the ephemeral nature of time passing.

These elements include: A shallow pool bound by layers of stacked slate, a video projected from above into the pool of water below and an iconic vessel form carved in basswood.  Contents of the video include layers of image and sound exploring different ways we intellectually define and emotionally experience time.


Exhibition Video >>>